Finding Your Own Beauty

There are plenty of times when it feels like a lot of effort to exist. I mean this in the most genuine of ways. Everyone has their stuff. Whether you’ve been through a lot with your family or yourself personally- there are plenty of things to feel overwhelmed by.┬áLife is hard. Life is wonderful. Life…

You’re Doing Great

  Sometimes we need a friendly reminder that we’ve done a lot to get this far. I am hard on myself, constantly comparing myself to who I think I should be rather than living in the present and loving who I am. Recently, I’ve been in somewhat of a funk. It’s amazing how much the…

Fit & Cute

And so the struggle began to find activewear that was cute, comfy, and compliant. I had these jogger pants laying around and my black Nikes pretty much go with everything.

Be brave, happy, strong, you.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that once life calms down a little bit, then we will make ourselves a priority. I am here to tell you that life will never calm down. Life is messy, but that’s what makes is great.

Here’s to a New Adventure

Hello there and welcome to my first real blog. My name is Dani and I hope this blog post finds you well. All of my life I have been the kind of woman to try new things- especially things that I find empowering or liberating.